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Expect The Unexpected!

Aluminum RIBs out of conviction. Designed by motor boat enthusiasts, constructed using the latest CAD/CFD and CAM processes, built from the highest quality materials by the best boat building experts in Ukraine. Many years of experience building hundreds of boats are combined here.

Of course CE certified with a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee.

AQUASPIRIT ® has been building aluminum inflatable boats for professional applications such as water police, fire brigades and the military for many years.

AQS has transferred the necessary attributes such as durability, robustness, easy maintenance, seaworthiness and driving stability to its motor boats for leisure and ultimate driving pleasure.

Starting with the small 290cm dinghy up to the 7m RIB, a range of motor boats is available that leaves nothing to be desired.

Each "Spirit" can be freely customized. Various matt hull colors and hose combinations are available for this. T-top, rollbar, seat cushions, hydraulic steering, biminis, tables, Hypalon® and much more are optional. We also equip your AQS with the right motor, the desired electronics and a suitable trailer. We coat the boat with the appropriate antifouling according to your wishes and hand it over to you during a joint installation and handover trip.

We have a good range of immediately available AQUASPIRIT RIBs in our central warehouse and at our dealers. And if you don't find the right one, we'll order your dream boat from the manufacturer within a few weeks.

And in case you've ever wondered what RIB actually means: Rigid Inflatable Boat. The difference to the RIB made of GRP (polyester hull) is the lower weight with significantly higher stability. So grounding does not immediately cause an expensive crack, but at most a dent.

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