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The brand new Aquaspirit S700

The new 7m flagship from Aquaspirit, the AQS S700.

From €59,900

The new AQS S700 is finally here. Incredibly maneuverable, lots of space, chic details and incomparable quality. The new S700 is very variable. From Chill & From grills to professional emergency boats, all variants can already be ordered.

The cornering ability of the S700 is breathtaking. If you haven't experienced this, you've missed something. The S700 is extremely seaworthy thanks to its slim bow. Compared to other ribs, it literally irons out waves.

It can be motorized with a maximum of 300 HP, which results in a top speed of ~100 km/h 54kn joins. But it lies completely calmly and is easy to control.

The S700 can be equipped with two sun decks, sun sail, dinette, additional benches and storage spaces, toilet, electric anchor system and much more. 

Of course, wellness details such as a refrigerator, plenty of cup holders, a top sound system and comfortable cushions should not be missing. The color-selectable upholstery is made from the highest quality Spardling® Silvertex. Thanks to its woven silver threads, this material is incredibly dirt-repellent and does not heat up as much.

The underwater hull is made of 4mm thick boatbuilding aluminum, all superstructures are made of 3mm. The aluminum surfaces are excellently protected thanks to the 2 layers of primer and two coats of paint.


This boat combines the advantages of a closed boat with a huge amount of interior space with the safety of an inflatable boat. The difference: The hoses are not round and are not glued to the fuselage. The D-shaped hoses are stuck in guide rails on the outside with piping. This makes them very easy to remove. This makes it easier to transport on a trailer or allows for simple repairs. The most important aspect here: At the end of the hose's life, you can simply replace it. 

Here are the most important data: (subject to changes and errors)

Aquaspirit S700

Overall length: 6.99m

Overall width: 2.88m

Width without hose: 2.51m

Draft: 0.5m

Weight empty: 1,100KG

Hose (D-shape): 311mm, PVC Valamex or Hypalon Orca® 1,400gr/m2

Motorization: 200-300HP, XL shaft 635mm

Aluminum: EN AW5083 H111

Category: C



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