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Expect The Unexpected!

If the S585 didn't exist, it would have to be invented.

The unexpected will await you on your first test drive. There is hardly a boat of this size that is so grown-up, but also equally agile and sporty as the S585. Flat water or 2m swell - you stay dry with every manoeuvre. This is ensured by the front shape of the fuselage, which is based on a dolphin's nose.

The S585 has been developed without compromise. The Ukrainian Navy has written Aquaspirit specifications in the specifications that you will not find in any other boat of this size. Robustness to the extreme. Even if the S585 fills up with water and the hoses are torn open sind, she still has to drive and bring 8 people safely to their destination.

The hull of the S585 is designed using the latest methods and built by the most experienced aluminum boat builders. The hull is made of 4mm strong, very tough boat building aluminium.

It is double-walled and foam-filled, the D-shaped hoses have a fender effect all around. They are attached to U-rails with piping and can be exchanged very easily. The underwater hull has welded seams inside and out and is additionally provided with longitudinal and transverse reinforcements.

The S585 is available both as a center console and as a dual console. It weighs around 900kg with the motor. Did you know: the S585 is actually not a real RIB at all. She features a fully enclosed hull with D-shaped tubes mounted in piping. They work like fenders. Big advantage, the hose can be replaced without any gluing work. So you can use your S585 for decades. That's what we call sustainable.

With a 150hp engine you can reach speeds of over 80 km/h (measured with GPS on the Rhine and the Adriatic)

There is a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee on the Aquaspirit S585!

Technical specifications:

Prices variants and options:(Recommended retail price, prices include the currently valid VAT of 19%)

Technical data:

Length above m:

Width above, m:

Cockpit length, m:

Cockpit width, m:

Hose: (PVC | Hypalon)


Max. load, kg:

Persons max.:

Weight, kg (CC/DC):



CE category:






D-shape, 0.25m, 1300g/m²




640 | 650

115-150HP, XL 635mm

Marine aluminum EN AW 5083 H111


S585 CC center console

S585 DC dual console

Hypalon Orca upgrade instead of PVC hose 

Pillow set S585 

Pillow set S585 Premium 

Full cover 

Rollable with position lighting 

T-Top with position lighting 

Engine protection bar 

Stainless steel telescopic bathing ladder 

Upgrade Foscari steering wheel with red stitching 

Hydraulic steering

Variable bow table with cup holders 

Fresh water system 40L with pressure pump and hand shower 

Sun deck foldable with matching cushions 

Radio Boss MCKGB350B.6 with 4 speakers 

from €29,000

from €29,470















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